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  • Product type: Hot rolling and pickling of stainless steel

    Processing method: Hot rolling,pickling,repair grinding and polishing

    Surface treatment: Annealing and pickling surface, polished surface

    Product material: 304、304L、316L

    Production size: φ4-50mm,L:6m(It can be customized according to the customer requirements)

    Production standard: GB/T 1220-2007

Stainless steel square bar application:

1.Automobile industry: It is the industry which develops fastest in the market of stainless steel square bar;

2.Household appliance industry: Stainless steel square bar is mainly used in the liner of water heater, refrigerator inner, inner cylinder of washing machine and inner and outer shell of microwave oven in quantity in the whole household appliance industry;

3.Construction industry: Stainless steel square bar is widely used in construction industry. It is most commonly used in external wall building of high-rise and indoor column wrapping.

Characteristic of Stainless steel square bar:

1.It has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance and long service time.

2.It has low thermal expansion rate and high compressive strength. Thus, it reduces possibility of deformation due to the influence of external force greatly.

3.Product combination is diversified. It is convenient for construction and assembly.

4.Stainless steel profile is all-in-one-shaped. The structure is solid, durable and beautiful.